Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good news!

This morning we had an appointment with my son's allergist. Just a check up and it gave some good time to sit and discuss his diet, how to proceed, and what the future holds.

The little guy isn't so little anymore! He's at about the 12% percentile for his age (27 months) and even better for his height! The doctor is so impressed with how he is doing (as are we!) and has given us the ok to trial a few new foods over the summer if we want to, or even retry one of the foods he's only had a delayed reaction to. I'm not sure what we'll try -- we've offered both spinach and broccoli in attempt to get some green in his diet but he wouldn't even try them. Any kid friendly green suggestions? He's gotten hives with peas, green beans and avocado before so I hesitate to try those yet.

The plan is to do RAST blood testing at our next appointment in a few months and see how things are going.  Since so many foods look safe with the scratch skin tests but then he still has a reaction, it's not a good predictor for him.

The doctor also eased my mind by sharing that he fully expects little C to outgrow many of these food allergies and intolerances in the next few years, which is a huge relief. I know it can't be absolutely predicted, and it's possible that he might not, but things would be so much easier if we only had a small handful of foods to worry about once he was school-aged.

I don't think I've ever shared here before, but one thing we and the doctors have suspected is an eosiniphilic disease. The only way to diagnose any of these conditions is with a scope of the affected area. C had a scope last summer and it was nearly clear, and not close to the level where they would consider an official diagnosis. However, he was on a very strict diet then, so it's possible that it was just in remission because he wasn't being exposed to any problem foods. So even though we got the all clear then, it's been something that's never left my head as a possibility. The doctor (who sees many eosiniphilic patients) said that while it is still possible, he felt that C is gaining weight so well, has such a good appetite, and is so eager to try foods, that it's not something they are concerned about at this time. If he does have it, I feel we are so fortunate to have it well under control with diet alone.

Recipes & a review of a neat allergy-friendly recipe app coming soon!

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  1. I drink green smoothies for breakfast nearly daily: greens, fruit, nut or coconut milk, ice, and a couple of dates for sweetness. If you know for sure that your son tolerates certain types of fruit, maybe you could try adding a green veggie (kale, spinach, chard) to a smoothie and give him a bit of that to see if he can tolerate the greens? If you use the right fruit (like blueberries), the smoothie doesn't turn out green at all.